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Device Limit Reached

I am having an issue with all my NowTV devices. I was watching a film earlier today on my YouView box and all working fine, then when i came to watch a film this evening it says that I have reached my device limit, the same happens on my PS3 and my sons Xbox too. When i check the linked devices it only shows an iOs device linked which shouldnt be there? none of my other devices are now linked but it will not let me use my old linked devices as it says I have reached my limit for the month to add new devices. How can I solve this urgently as my daughter likes watching the films on there but she is not old enough to understand that it is not working properly

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Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User you might want to consider changing your password as it sounds like someone had deleted all your devices and then added their iPhone. Once you've done that jump on to Live Chat and explain your situation, they might be able to sort something out for you this month.
and at the bottom will be a Contact Us button, from here Live Chat should be available (hours are 8am-midnight).