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Xbox One


Payment taken

A did a 14 day trial on the entertainment pass. A payment has come out of my bank but when I go on purchase history nothing is there. How do I stop anymore payments being taken

now TV voucher

I recently bought an Xbox one and I got a voucher with it. Having said this it won't let me redeem it and I've been a customer of this service for quite a while what suggestions are there?

Xbox one app skips every 5-10 seconds

First of all our Internet is a solid 15meg and wired. It is DEFINITELY NOT a speed issue. 50% of the when we attempt to watch a program (ones viewed before and viewed for the first time) it skips or freezes the screen every 5/10 seconds. Needless to ...

Error code 10021

Hi this error code pops up and I'm not even viewing on another screen

sound is very distort

after its been on about 2 hours the sound goes like a darlik sound for about 10mis and then comes back normal very frustrating as you miss all the words is there anything to be done thankyou 

Problem obtaining license (1006)

When attempting to watch the latest episode of "Inside Amy Schumer" on Comedy Central OD it says"Something's not right, there's been a problem getting the license, please try again" (1006)Every time I try.

Something's not right

New internet from BT top package, new router HH5, Amazon Prime 100% perfect no problems, Netflix 100% perfect no problems both can watch full series and movies without interruption OK netflix keeps asking me every 3rd episode if i am still watching i...

wont load anything

So I select somthing to watch go to press for watch now nope it sends me back to the main menu seriously its one issue after another with now tv, any one any ideas before I cancel my subscription (and no I'm not pressing the wrong buttons I've been w...

Some things not right

Just purchased a day pass on my x box one for football and now saying I can't watch because Microsoft edge does not support Microsoft silver light? And can't get internet explorer as its suggesting? Paid for this and can't access it!