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Xbox One


Now TV app keeps crashing on Xbox One

I keep having to uninstall and reinstall the Now TV app on my Xbox One every time I stop watching something.  The screen keeps coming up with a blank screen and undefined in thee corner and won't do anything else. Is anyone else having the same probl...

Error 10021 - can not stream due to maximum devices

So, I am streaming now TV on an iPad, also watching on Xbox, I can watch movies on the Xbox how ever when I try to watch entertainment, it says the maximum streams have been reached?I only have two devices in my account as I removed all others and it...

Now tv not working on xbox one

Now tv will not work on xbox one. Tried installing and uninstalling multiple times, hard reset multiple times, clearing cache multiple times. Still no joy

Resolved! Greys anatomy

Some seasons will play but won't let me select 9/10.  As I scroll down it I get to season 8 but the kicks me back to season 1. It Works fine on the iPad but not on my Xbox one. anyone help?? URGENT

Won't play any films/programmes on Xbox one

I've just downloaded now tv to my Xbox one, but when I try and play anything it comes up with the buffering icon for a second and then just takes me back to the previous screen. I am fully connected to the Internet. All the thumbnails are loading fin...

Xbox One Entertainment Pass

My Xbox one has been unable to load any videos from the entertainment package. Whenever you click "watch this" it just reloads the options. Now TV advised I delete the app and then reinstall but unfortunately it hasn't helped. Any advice? I really wa...

Xboxone logging me out.

Does anyone else have an issue with the Xbox one logging the Now Tv out on a regular basis.  It's getting a bit annoying now.

lossof service

hello for over 4 days we have been unable to access now tv through our xbox we would like to receive a refund for lack of service and hopefully resolve