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Xbox one problems.

I have recently brought a new xbox one. Have installed now TV and it won't work. Have reinstalled it and it still doesn't work. Not sure if this a problem with your app or xbox as I'm having a similar problem with blink box and screen shots in the game store. Help!!! Have contacted xbox regarding the problem too, if it isn't resolved by either party I will have to end my subscription as this is my main device used.
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Is there any parental restrictions set on your console?
Is your consoles region set to a region supported by Now Tv?


If both of the above are OK, then it's probably time to clear the System Cache:

When the Xbox is powered on, press and hold the power button the console until it shuts down completely.


If neither of these work, it's probably time to try a factory reset.
Go to Settings>System>Console & Info Updates>Restory Factory Defaults.


Hope these help!