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Xbox One Not available until feb



I've just bought an xbox one to replace my 360 and I've removed an old laptop to free up a slot in my devices but I cant add the One until feb. My Phone had an update and Now TV thought it was a new device so Ive not actually added a new device this month, i've just altered one. Can you over ride this for me?


I did ask on facebook but your help there aparently is restricted so I'm asking here as live chat is impossible to find:

"We should be able to do this but for security reasons it's not something we can do over Facebook. Please contact us on live chat or email and we'll reset this. Here's how to get in touch:"


Thanks for any help that you can provide.


Kind regards


Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User as per the How to contact us page you need to search for your issue. Try this faq
and at the bottom will be a Contact Us button, from here Live Chat should be available (hours are 8am-midnight).