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No Auto-Play Next Episode? (Little annoying things)

Could do with an Auto-Play Next Episode option on the Xbox One app.

I had Peppa Pig on for the kids and since the episodes are only 5 mins long, I find myself having to keep my controller turned on the whole time which is a huge waste of the batteries. These console controllers really go through batteries.

Also, after about 6 episodes, it started suggesting we watch Diego with no option to continue with Peppa Pig, which meant I had to go back to the kids menu and select Peppa all over again.

They're only little things, but many little things (when added up) get very annoying and increasingly frustrating as it makes the experience much less seemless.

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for your post and your feedback.


We currently don't have that feature available, however we may in the future (no promises though).