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my xbox 360 keeps logging out while watching now tv

hi i've just joined now tv not long ago and use it on my xbox 360 with a wireless connection, but its keeps logging me out several times while im watching a show on now tv. 

i've deleted apps off my xbox 360 and cleared the cache also re-installed the now tv app and also reset my router but still doing the same thing. yet other apps like netflix and you tube work fine not even any buffering etc...please help its soooo annoying have to log back into xbox to use now tv again half way through a show.

Anonymous User
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Hey @Anonymous User


Really sorry to hear that and I can see how frustrating that would be 😞


Do you have any other devices on your account which are also signed in on at the same time? 


Are you experiencing anything similar on them?





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I too have this exact same issue, its only started last couple of months, I can't be logged into 2 places at once as the app doesn't allow this, if I log in to my 360 in logs out my Xbox one and vice versa, I am connecting via a wireless connection in a different room, but I have a low latency and 0 packet loss, Netflix, Amazon video and YouTube to do not suffer the same problem
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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


I think that's a known behaviour for the Xbox. See here