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Xbox 360


Downloading now tv on xbox360

When I try to install Now TV app on xbox360 I search for it in search apps and have tried to find it in browse apps but it simply doesn't appear. I am signed in to xbox live and have the latest xbox updates...what am I doing wrong?


very poor. you upgrade the box to the latest version only to be advised you can't watch as no more changes allow this month.absolutely ridiculous - you need to get this sorted.

request

Each time I want to access NowTV on my xbox 360 I am being asked to sign-in. This has ocurred for the first time today. No problems yesterday or previously.

Resolved! "sorry, NOW TV isn't available right now

Hi just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me or has any advice on the matter.A couple of days ago I bought a entertainment pass using my xbox 360, ever since then I get a message coming up when I try to watch anything on the 360. Now ev...

My now TV black box keeps buffering

Hi!I have in the last few days bought a now tv black box from Argos.Since getting this every time I try to watch a film (this happens on them all)It keeps buffering constantly! It takes nearly a extra hour than it should to watch the full movie.I hav...

buffering/ whirly thing on screen

Had nowtv over a year and never had this before, been like it all day on ITV etc as well as trying to watch American horror hotel tonight. Settings say internet connection excellent, what's going on!!

Now TV keeps buffering

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue? I am currently subscribed to the entertainment package, I am streaming using a PS4 wired directly into my super hub. I am constantly getting the coloured circles spinning around on the screen as the progr...

sorry, NOW TV isn't available right now

I cannot watch anything on xbox app this week. Working fine on Sunday. When I tried to watch walking dead on Monday i get errors "now tv not available" still says same error today. I have bought entertainment pass and its really annoying as I only pu...