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Xbox 360


New xbox

Hi I got a new phone so added that onto my devices a couple of weeks ago I also have a new Xbox but because I've changed one device I can't change another and I really want to watch Geordie shore on my tv and not my phone tonight. Any chance anyone c...

sky sports news

I have sky sports news on my now tv box as part of movie's pass but on my xbox 360 it wants me to buy a day pass. Why allow me to only access half of my purchased content! And is this going to be resolved

4008 error xbox 360

I use a xbox 360 to watch now Tv. I have had access to watch movies on for quite awhile now. I now want to add the entertainment option so that I can also watch TV series. When I try start a series it tells me that I need to start a trail. When I sta...

NOW TVs email address. False advertising

You claim to have a contact link however this link is unexistent. This is false advertising. I am not a happy costumer and will be taking this further. I suggest you fix this. We would like to make a complaint 

Issue with NOW TV app on Xbox 360 [24/02/2016]

We're aware of an issue that may be affecting customers attempting to launch the NOW TV app on Xbox 360. Our technical teams are looking into this issue right now and will work to get things back up and running as soon as possible. We'll post more in...

Resolved! Buffering

Recently it is taking ages for menus to load and for programmes to play. When programmes do start the picture quality is very poor and frequently hang while the box tries to buffer. I'm using a nowtv box. Network speed is fine (Netflix works perfectl...

Now TV box incredibly slow

I am using my NOW TV box with Virgin Media Broadband that with a speed test is functioning at about 30mbps - but despite my internet being fine (no probs streaming Netflix or anything else) when trying to watch NOW TV, I am constantly getting the lit...

Nowtv doesn't work using hdmi on xbox360

I have cleared cache and reinstalled the app, plays fine when I switch to scart but won't work on hdmi. Amazon prime and Netflix work fine through the hdmi just have issues with nowtv.

Sound stutters when watching. video unaffected.

My kids watch sponge bob on nowtv on the ps3. The last 2 weeks the sound stutters. The picture is not affected. All other on demand like Netflix and bbci work fine. I am on 50 meg Virgin and a speed test gave me 35meg on wireless.