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Xbox 360


2009 error code on Xbox 360

Hi trying to sign in on Xbox 360, it says error code 2009 sign in details are not recognised. I can sign in on a phone and tablet ok. Just have the issue on the Xbox. Tried changing password but same problem. Tried clearing Xbox cache but didn't work...


Got now tv today. Trying to watch a programme on entertainment package. The screen jeeps jumping especially when the camera moves.

my xbox 360 keeps logging out while watching now tv

hi i've just joined now tv not long ago and use it on my xbox 360 with a wireless connection, but its keeps logging me out several times while im watching a show on now tv. i've deleted apps off my xbox 360 and cleared the cache also re-installed the...

Username and or Password not recognised

Hi every time I log onto my PC my password is never recognised. I usually log on once a week and I have had 8 passwords since mid May. In addition when I try and log onto the xbox 360 it also does not recognise my password. Please advise

Cant cancel kids package

Hi HELP please I cant cancel kids tv package its not letting me and my children cant watch it threw xbox 360 is anyone else having same problem not been able to cancel? I click on cancel and answer the questions leave a rating then click still want t...

'oops, something went wrong while acquiring license.' on XBOX 360

Hi, I started watching 11.22.63 last night and when attempting to watch the second episode, a message stating there were problems while acquiring license appeared. I tried checking the xbox 360 status website, all fine. I tried logging in and out of ...

nowtv not working on xbox

For the last 3 days I have been unable to watch nowtv on my xbox, the app loads, I can select a film but it will not load, it just says nowtv not working please try later, its not my xbox or internet as still able to use other apps

Blank screen

Ive been having trouble with now tv on my xbox 360. It was working fine now all i get is a blank screen. Ive unistalled it reinstalled it and it still does not work

Live chat not working

I'm trying to update an email address, as I can't access the old one. So.... I'm directed to Live Chat, but this brings up : HTTP Error 401: Unauthorised Access, You are not authorised to access this resource. so the voucher I ordered has gone to a d...