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microsoft wireless display adapter

I am trying to connect my surface pro 3 playing now TV to microsofts wireless display adapter, the adapter is fully HDCP complient however now tv will not play any videos and a get a warning saying the device is none HDCP


I can view the app, browse files and select a video to watch, the error message shows as soon as I try to play the file


Netflix and Amazon both work without this error


Now TV works fine on mu device and works fine when physicaly connected using a HDMI cable



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User,


Thanks for posting.


We can't guarantee that method will let you watch even if it is HDCP compliant as officially we don't support watching on TV or external monitors via PC - the license for the content your watch is restricted to PC.






Anonymous User
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Any chance you could let us know when / if the content licensing might change to allow for us to watch on PC external displays, or on the Wireless Display Adapter specifically?  Chromecast obviously got the go ahead, so is it just commercial inertia stopping a deal going thorugh for perhaps just the WDA, even if not for all PC external display adapters?


And links about commercial discussions appreciated.


A bit frustrating, looks like I'll have to go out and get a Now TV box as well as my Surface 3 and WDA.

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If you load the video on the app and pause it before you connect to your wireless display it will then work. Techinically it is not supported but this gets you around it.. (not found a way to get the in browser player working yet..)