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Very Poor Audio



I recently signed up for NowTV and have experienced many occurrences of audio dropping in and out with various shows. Game of Thrones season 4 was so bad that I had to stop watching (episode 2), it has been logged with tech support who is apparently fixing the issue. I've tried using Firefox, Chrome and IE, as well as my PS3 and still encounter these same problems.

I also experienced poor audio with 24 season 9 but it was bearable enough for me to watch through. Now I've started watching season 4 of The Walking Dead and I'm again finding that the audio is very poor. It will cut in and out throughout an episode but for some reason there have been some episodes which have had no problems. I'm now up to episode 10 and I'm finding the audio hitching incredibly grating and I'm unable to continue watching.

How is this happening? I've found other posts with people complaining about the same problem with different shows and movies. Is this problem going to get addressed because at the moment the service is unusable?



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Hi @Anonymous User,


We are truly and sincerely sorry for the technical issues you have experienced with some of our content and for the frustration and inconvenience it has caused.


We are taking this issue very seriously and are working on getting them resolved as a matter of priority.





The NOW TV Team



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Hi Rich,


Well, after again experiencing choppy audio with a shark documentary I've cancelled my pass.


I've used Netflix for a number of years and haven't had the need to contact their support for any reason, as I've had no problems with picture/audio quality.


NowTV on the other hand, I've had to search and post in the forums as well as contact the online chat on 3 separate occasions. I was even told by one online chat employee that my audio problems were because my internet was too slow, even though I have a 10MB connection.


I still can't fathom how you stream popular shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead with obvious audio issues.