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Re: Monthly device limit reached

Extremely frustrating, just removed an old device to add a new phone. Now it says I can't make any other changes this month's so can't watch nowtv on either device! Some sort of warning system when you delete a device would be useful.
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Re: Monthly limit



Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you've reached your device limit. If you've watched on four different devices in the past then the device limit rules kick in, where you can now only add one new device a month, even if you delete several. It's best to delete devices on the website as you will get a warning there, unlike on the iOS app.

Have a word with Live Chat, explain what's happened and see if they can sort something out for you as a courtesy.

To reach live chat go to the following help page

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Re: Monthly device limit reached

i have reached my monthly device limit but i havent got any devices on to watch anything. therefore, paying money and not getting anything is pointless. please can i get this issue resolved so my hard earnt money isnt wasted 


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Re: Monthly device limit reached

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Just read Andy's post, which is directly above yours.



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Re: Monthly device limit reached

I cancelled my subscription because I was having so many issues with the nowtv player. I decided to reinstate it and try a different browser. I am now using silverlight but it reads that I have had too many devices. Yet I cant view on any devices and there are no devices in my list, PLEASE can someone help fix this? In my view if the subscription has been reinstated, surely the device manager should be reset. I will give this 24 hours to be resolved, then I will be cancelling my subscription this time for good.