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NOW TV Sky Sports Pass Help and Info

We've compiled some of the top questions that you’ve all asked us into this handy guide all about the NOW TV Sky Sports Day, Week and Month Passes.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   NOW TV Sky Sports Pas...

Sky Sports day pass multiple PC

I have logged onto my laptop to and bought a sky sports day pass. Unforuntately my laptop has crashed and so I am trying to use my Dads laptop to watch sky sports using the same pass, however when I login to NowTV it says I haven't purchased a pass. ...

Resolved! Week Sports Pass

I can't buy the week sports pass. Every time I log in, it redirects me to another page from which there is no option to buy as day or week pass. Help?

Worst service i have ever had

I have been using now tv to watch sky sports recently and it is not worth the money at all, I always get logged out every hour even during watching, not due to my connection, it takes forever to actually connect to the live service in the first place...

Trying to buy a week sport pass

Hi I'm signing in as usual clicking on week pass then it takes me to my now TV app and all it says is activate pass... Which I can't do because it's not letting me purchase it... Must say the layout and support from the Twitter help team is abysmal.....

McDonalda voucher

I won a sky sports day pass through the McDonalds monopoly and they sent me a code for said day pass, but as I enter the code into the apply day pass voucher box it says the voucher is not valid, any thoughts/opinions would be very helpful

Sky F1 poor quality streaming through TV

We've just set up a new NowTV black box and have a 1 day Sports pass - the picture quality is very poor, jumpy and buffering. Our internet speed is about 30 Mb and we've had no problem with BBC iPlayer, is there anything else we can do? We decided to...

Sport pass timing

 If I activated a weekly sports pass at 4:15pm on a Sunday when will it run out?

old firm derby

can i get the old firm derby on now tv 

Just been conned by pringles and tesco

I was in Tesco and saw double packes of pringles, 2 boxes packaged together.  On the packaking it says Free Sky Sports day pass.  So I bought 5.  Get them home, unwraps one and reads the pack.  The offer ended on 31/03/16, but no mention of that on t...