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Sports Catchup Idea

I have an idea and I'd be interested to see what everyone thinks.

One of the biggest problems I have with the sports pass is the inability to watch any event on demand.  I watch F1 and quite a lot of times I cant watch it live.  When I had Sky Q every race session was available to download on demand shortly after and having catch up in Now TV would be ideal (It's already on the servers we just need access to it).

I understand revenue is important so how about just making on demand/catchup available to monthly sports pass subscribers only?  That would definetly work for me as during the F1 season id be paying for it monthly.  As it stands now it looks unlikley ill be watching F1 without catchup and I might wait until after the season ends and watch them all on demand in the F1 TV Archive.

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Yeah, its a problem I have too. I like F1 it's on crazy times, and I would love to be able to watch it on catch up. Not just that but The Debate too. Although not on crazy time I don't always have time to view it. The former I could understand due to rights and all but the latter should be available on-demand as it's a Sky show, and rights shouldn't be an issue. 


Great idea.  Unlikely to happen on Now TV. Even full blown Sky doesn’t have full catch up. Premier league games are just 25 minutes of highlights.