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RE: Catch up on live F1 shows

Hi all.


Sorry if this seems like a daft question to you all but im pretty new to NowTV bar a free trial of the kids pass years ago.

I am currently looking at investing in the Monthly Pass for the Sky Sports so that I can watch the F1 without having to pay for the likes of Sky or Virgin, however, when looking at the app and the sports section, it appears to me that I am only able to watch what is live on the channels at that moment in time. Am i looking in the wrong places, is it because I haven't yet bought a pass or have I got my thinking right?

I need the catch up function as I work irregular shifts meaning im not always home when the races are on. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read my posts and I look forward to your answers.




Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User 


Unfortunately at the moment F1 is only available live there is no catchup version they do replays of qualifying and the race at later times of the day they are on that might be of some help to you xx.