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Offers only for new customers

Relly dissapointing to see that the 'big nowtv bundle' is only on offer to 'new' customers. So the solution is to what?


- Canel my account and open it again?

- Open a second account with slightly different information?

- Move to Netflix or Prime video?


Also, the 'send us a message' button just sends me round in a loop.


Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:45:25): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to Ganesh. How can I help?

null (11/04/2018, 20:46:39): Hi Ganesh, I would like to apply the 'big nowtv bundle' to my account, however when I click the link i simply get the 'my passes' page, and cannot see a way to apply the offer 😞

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:47:40): May I know are you looking for broadband package ?

null (11/04/2018, 20:47:50): No

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:48:25): May I know from where have you received the offer ?

null (11/04/2018, 20:48:43): Its right there on

null (11/04/2018, 20:49:01): "For a limited time only, get the big NOW TV Bundle for a whole month of live sport, plus 3 months of Entertainment, Sky Cinema and Kids TV all for the price of a month of Sky Sports. Just £33.98 (worth £99)."

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:49:36): Allow me to explain you in details.

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:50:32): The offer is only for the new NOW TV customers who haven't created the account.

null (11/04/2018, 20:51:15): Oh no! Would you not consider making this available to existing customers? It doesnt seem fair!

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:51:39): I understand your concern but we are working for our existing customers too .

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:51:55): I suggest you to keep an eye on the website and email too .

null (11/04/2018, 20:52:19): Are there any offers available for existing customers?

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:53:13): Here is the link at the moment which can help you with some offers.

Ganesh (11/04/2018, 20:53:15):