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HELP: Sky Sports Pass Cancel



I bought a weeks pass to NOW TV Sky Sports today with the intention of watching the US Open. I then discovered that for what must be the first time in years they're not actually showing it, so is it possible to get a refund now because this was the only thing I wanted to watch? I have NOT activated my pass yet so nothing has been watched and nothing will be watched either.


Tried to find a contact email for NOW TV but the help centre kept redirecting me which seems somewhat suspicious but anyway, help would be much appreciated.




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@Anonymous User


If you haven't activated your week sports pass you can cancel the pass within the 14 day period from date of purchase, where you need to contact nowtv (more information given on the linked page below).


To contact nowtv live chat, open the above link and scroll to the bottom of the page where you need to click on the green highlighted "contact us" button.