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Cooling off period refund


I took out a one month Sky Sports TV pass this morning which I now have cancelled - however I have no confirmation of any refund and appear to still have access to Sky Sports until the end of this month. The "cooling off period" terms and conditions stated that I would receive a full refund if I cancelled within 14 days.


Thank you



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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


When you cancel a monthly sports, ents or movies pass you are allowed to continue watching it until the end of the monthly period. Unfortunately the 14 day cooling off period you refer to does not apply to monthly passes as you would have agreed to no refund when you paid for the pass (there is wording to that effect during the purchase process).


Whilst youve nothing to lose by having a word with live chat and explaining your situation, anything they did offer you would be entirely at their discretion. To get there go to the following help page

and click the green Contact Us button near the bottom left of it (not the How to Contact Us link right at the bottom as that takes you somewhere else) then choose the Live Chat option on the following page.

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The page offered to go to the cooling off period was told to go to a page to go on the chat now. this page does not exist "just like a unicorn" is their wording.


I inadvertently entered my password thinking i was going to watch a programme but it turned out to be on sky cinema and I was immediately charged for one month.  No warning was given either.  Neither can I apply for a cooling off period as they say I agreed to this  initially.


So not impressed at all with Sky costing me £11.99 for a service I neither want nor can afford.  Although I have cancelled it I still have to pay and have this unwanted pass for one month. 


Sorry I think its a very underhand way to to carry on. A warning should be given enabling you to retract 

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@Anonymous User keep reading that bit of the T&Cs



You have the right to cancel your purchase of a NOW TV content pass, and receive a full refund without giving any reason, any time up to 14 days (“cooling off period”) from the later of: (a) the date of purchase; (b) the date of delivery (for content passes which are redeemed using a voucher code we send you or you have purchased as part of a bundle); or (c) receipt of this notice, except where:

  • You activated a Sky Sports Day Pass or a Sky Sports Week Pass and agreed at that point that you lost the right to cancel.
  • You purchased or activated a Sky Movies Month Pass, a Entertainment Month Pass or a Sky Sports Month Pass and agreed at that point you lost the right to cancel.