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24 hour sky sports pass

Hi guys, 


so I purchased 2 x 24hr - £9.99 sky sports pass around 17:15 yesterday to watch the football and have to come to watch sky sports the following morning at 10:30 and it’s not allowing me to watch the pass that I activated yesterday but is instructing me to activate my second pass. I’ve still got 7 hours on the first activated pass?! 

Please help! 😕

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I wasn't aware you could buy two one day sports passes and add them to the same account at the same time.


I was under the impression that the first day pass needs to be used and finished before applying a new day sports pass.


Is there a possibility you have two NowTV accounts and used these two different accounts to purchase the two one day passes ?


If so check your other account to see if there is still a number of hours left running on the day pass.


Apart from the above, get in touch with NowTV live chat for further assistance and help.  

Anonymous User
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I purchased the 24 hour sports pass today, after just 2 hours it says i need a new one. This is terrible as is the help function on this site, far too general. If you can't get to talk  to them then i guess they don't have to fix the problem. Must save lots of money.