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very poor broadband speeds

I am a new customer to Now Broadband having moved from BT.  Was told my package was 36MB and should be getting at least 25MB daily as a min.  My speed is always barely above 20MB which is why I moved from BT in the first place.  My download speeds are horrendous and all this whilst plugged into my router with a new ethernet cable.  Have reset router but still get same issues.


Current speed is 20.9MB for download and 0.15MB for upload !!!


Think of leaving Now Broadband as this is not what I paid for.





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Your speed is unlikely to have changed much because you are still essentially using the same infrastructure.


Are the numbers you mention the sync speeds shown on the router, or speedtest results? If the latter are these wired, wireless, or both? 

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@Anonymous User 

Your speed will fluctuate over the first 7 days with NOW broadband. You shouldn’t reboot the router unless instructed to by staff at the broadband team.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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as @redchiz1 says all ISP's who use Openreach's network will get a similar connection speed. Have you tried with the router in the test socket?

What does Openreach believe your line to be capable of? BT Broadband (