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using Now Hub 2 with Eero mesh wifi


I am switching over to Now TV broadband from Virgin. I need mesh wifi in my house or else I am left with poor coverage. I currently have my Virgin router in modem-only mode and my gateway eero node plugged into it, with others dotted around the house. This works fine. 


I've tried to replicate this with my Now Hub Two, but it does not have modem only mode. The workaround seems to be to put the router in bridge mode, but as far as I can tell the Now Hub doesn't do that either. Is there a guide somewhere I can follow to make my Now Hub Two work with Eero? If it is not possible to do this, can I replace my Now Hub Two with something that does have modem only mode?



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Hi @Anonymous User 


If you get no replies here, then if it was me i would pop over to the Sky Broadband Community Forum and under the Broadband Community search box, type in "Eero" where there was a couple of hit results from my quick search.


I don't know if any of the results is relevant or helpful in your particular case, but the NOW Hub 2 Router is a clone of the Sky Q Hub Router and there was a couple of threads about the Amazon Eero WiFI Mesh which i haven't had chance to read.


Hope you find a solution.