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switching NOW router to Modem Mode


I've been with NOW broadband for a couple of years and in the last six months my internet connection has deteriated a lot. The connection drops constantly and the coverage has got less. I was thinking of getting a third party router (Linksys MR7350) but it doesn't have a modem in it. so I need to use my NOW modem in Modem mode. 

reading some other Posts it looks like NOW routers dont have Moden mode, any suggestions how I can connect a third party router to it?



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If it's just the Wi-Fi you are having problems with you could connect the Linksys in AP(Access Point) mode, assuming it has one. You could connect it as a router, but you will be using double NAT.

Of course if it is the line that is disconnecting, adding an extra t router will not help.