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possible new customer need guidance

Hi. Not sure if location is correct, there was nothing more suitable.


Wanting to get some broadband and Now seems to cover our options, probably looking at Fab Fibre as there is only 2 of us and will only be using for occasional streaming and web browsing,  but i need to discuss a couple of questions before i sign up. There is no chat available at the moment due to pandemic and cannot find any way of contacting direct, possibly someone could advise.


The 2 questions i have are,

1, I live in a flat that has a phone line but it is built into the insides of the flat so not accessible from outside and we have never used the phone-line in the 3 years we have lived her, we used the broadband with BT fibre the 1st year we were here. As i have no way of knowing how long set up of broadband will take but it will probably be outside of the 14 cancellation period so if for any reason it does not work will i be able to cancel, would only be down to phone-line i think but want to be sure.

2, I want to sign up to the entertainment package and take advantage of the 50% discount for the 12 month period. I do not want to sign up until i am sure broadband will work correctly but if i don't sign up when taking broadband contract out will i still be able to get the full 12 month 50% discount.


Can anyone help or point me in the direction of someone to speak to for clarification. I am not in any rush to get the broadband set up, i just want to have the option to cancel immediately and with no ongoing costs if it does not work. 


TIA Bill

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Hi @Anonymous User 


According to some customers live chat is available to some limited degree, but when i try clicking on the live chat button myself on various help page links nothing happens for me (though i haven't tried any other internet browser apart from MS Edge) 😠.


If it was me i would drop NowTV an email using the address on the screen shot below to see if they can answer all your questions fully.


Due to Covid-19 maybe give them 48 hours or so to respond back with a reply.




Anonymous User
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I would be very hesitant to go near Now Broadband, particularly at the moment.


We were due to switch on 21st May, from BT. Should have been a very simple change as they both use Openreach.


We are still without broadband. Their customer service teams keep continually setting 72 hour deadlines and missing them. They blame Openreach and then internal problems and then change their stories again. We have been told by a customer service agent that thousands of customers are in the same position.


Cancelling is not apparently possible until after the line is operational, which might be never.


In short, read the trustpilot and other customer reviews and steer clear, at least until they resolve these issues.