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order tracking says Kit delivery Unsuccessful

Returning to now broadband after a gap of a couple of years away

Order went through yesterday but when I check order tracking i am told that kit delivery is unsuccessful, is this common or am I just being impatient and the kit will arrive in time for turn on at the end of this month


Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I am surprised your My Account > Orders & Appointments section updated that quickly (unless the message was from your previous order a few years back).


When i joined NOW Broadband the Hub Router was in processing for about a week before i was notified of the despatch date which was about 3 to 5 days before my live activation date.


Maybe give it a day to see if the message changes or updates and if the message remains the same give the NOW Broadband Team a call.


Out of curiosity do you still have the old NOW Hub Router or a Sky Router if there is a delay or problem with the despatch of the NOW Hub 2 Router ?

Anonymous User
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I’ve had the same thing, my go live date was 19/05 no router had arrived. I rang and they said it would be delivered today (no explanation as to why it wasn’t originally delivered). It’s 4:40pm still no delivery and my account is still showing as ‘delivery unsuccessful.’