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Im looking at getting now tv broadband

It doesn't say that the broadband connects to your TV to get the channels such as BBC, its ect

I dont have a smart TV so I'm a bit confused what you get and how it works.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


With NowTV Broadband you only get an internet and phone service.


The only hardware that NowTV will provide you is a NowTV Hub 2 Router which is purely for accessing to the internet with your own internet compatible devices.


Should you wish to use the NowTV TV streaming service you need to provide your own NowTV supported streaming devices (see link below on what devices are supported). 


Plus you need to subscribe to a NowTV TV Pass or Passes (have a read of this link below about what is NowTV). 


If you don't own a suitable device from the linked article above then the cheapest hardware would be a NowTV Stick which you can plug into the HDMI port on any Television that has a HDMI port on it (where the television can be already be Smart or Non Smart).


With regards to the full terrestrial TV live channels then if you have a TV aerial then you can continue to watch all the current normal Freeview channels via your television inbuilt TV tuner.


The NowTV Stick does come with third party Apps such has BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, M5, but doesn't cover all the TV channels that you get via a TV aerial or a Satellite Dish.


Here's an help article linked below on what Apps are currently available via the internet you can use with a NowTV TV streaming box or NowTV Stick. 


Any questions don't hesitate to ask.