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guaranteed min speed?

so when i signed up to my fibre connection i was promised a min speed of 30 mbps , however for almost this entire year the connection has been unstable , dropping on and off and the speeds pathetic .. every time i call up i get a different excuse .. "your routers faulty" .. im on router number 4 now o.0 , oh the lines damaged sir we will send a technician in several weeks .. line gets fixed and within a few weeks back to not working again (5 engineers visits) clearly the whole dam line needs pulling up and switching as its clearly faulty .. but no one wants to admit it... now with this level of performance and the guaranteed min not being honered, what can i do about it .. i keep getting told they will see what they can do about the poor service and never hear anything

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The guaranteed speed is the sync speed, not the download speed. So what is that.

Broadband download and upload speeds explained (

Unfortunately the lines are the responsibility of Openreach, and they are unlikely to "pull it up and replace it" as it will be redundant soon anyway.

Do you know when your area will get FTTP?