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entertainment pass not showing in "My passes"

I have ordered Nowtv broandband and nowtv enterainment pass. 

Under MY PASSES tab the pass isnt showing up and asking me to update my card details and buy the pass agian. i have tried to login on my apple laptop ipad Andriod phone and my ps4. all saying the same.  

Spoke to the online chat people 4 times. they are telling me that the pass is active and my card details are current and correct.

I have reset user name password my router plus used google chrome and firefox. 

can anyone suggest a solution.

Many thanks


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Legend 5

@Anonymous User Welcome to the community. Normally this happens when people log in with a different username to the one belonging to the account with the active pass on, but if you've popped onto live chat and they can see the active account I'm not sure what's going on. If you've logged out of the app and back in again with no luck and live chat don't seem to get to the bottom of it I'd suggest going to

and choosing the technical issue option to report the issue. Someone should hopefully then get back to you.