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communicating a landline fault getting in touch with NOW TV

How to contact NOW TV with a land line fault they say is non existent ?? They test the line and say it is ok, but no one can communicate with me !!

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Hi @Dennis

Is there a dial tone on your landline?

If so can you call out and is the problem only incoming calls?

If you can ring out phone your mobile phone to see if the telephone number you was allocated by NOW matches what's shows on your mobile phone screen.

Here's a link with different communication methods to reach out to the NOW Broadband Team. 


very many thanks for you advice after great deal of effort and waiting got
through; just hope the line is going to be cleared, thanks again Dennis

Are you new to Now? Is it really that no one can call you? Sometimes you can get an incomplete port, which means only people on certain other providers can contact you.