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Setup & Performance


Resolved! slow!!!!

does anyone know if its possible for now to upgrade the overhead bt cabling, cant get full fibre underground, new driveway etc???

PD by Newbie
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Resolved! Split Wifi Bands Prob with intructions

To rectify speed issues I want to  split the wifi bands.  Problems is after step 2 (enter I do not see 'Maintenance' where I can enter admin and password.  Are there instructions anywhere with screen shots as I am positive I am not seein...

MMRO-52 by Mentor
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Poor broadband connection at one end of my flat

Hi, I have had now broadband for the last year or so and although I have had no real problems when using devices close to the router when I go further to one end of my flat the wifi signal is particularly poor. The router is placed in the centre of t...

No internet in KT17 2LH

I am with out Internet in The Epsom area for the past 6 hour and Now TV customer services can not give me the slightest idea when it is coming back. All they do is quote there contracted delivery times!

Dave1059 by Advocate
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Activation Date missed twice

Our activation date was meant to be the 17th of July, but was delayed. They told us it would be up and running by the 8th before midnight, called them today to chase up when it wasn't activated by 5pm, they said it's on track. But it's the 9th now an...

Oriek by Observer
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