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Setup & Performance


Broadband dropping out

hi, we have come back from holiday and having reset our rooter twice we are losing our internet connection every few minutes for a short time then back on. Hugely frustrating!Any suggestions welcome. Orange light appears on the the router under 'Inte...


Hi I live in a bungalow. The signal is very poor in my bedroom witch is 20foot from my box in living room. Most of time no signal 

John4646 by Advocate
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My router’s internet light is off

Hi all, I just receive my kit and now is already passed the activate date. But after I connect every line and socket, my router just have power and wireless light on. I am sure every line I connect correctly, but the internet light still off. Any hel...

Han222 by Advocate
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No Broadband and no answers

Dear all,I have no broadband, despite it being due to start a fortnight ago, no communication from now, no answers to my complaints and phone calls either hang up on me before answering or get left on hold for an hour until service ends. I can’t even...


DH1 5DT broadband off and on all evening.  We can't finish the film we started and paid for.  Lack of direct customer services. Sky have someone on hand in the evening - NOW customers are left hanging.  We need to ask for a month's refund for the bad...

Joanne2 by Mentor
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Broadband installation

Dear friends  I am a new user, my kit was just delivered now. I noticed there is no master phone socket in it. What do I do?The master phone socket is important in the setup I assume. Can you kindly advice please 

Tee by Newbie
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How to instal now

I have a logic smart tvI followed now instruction on installingAt end it said the app will be in premium app list it isn'tSo I installed the only now app I could find Now Express but when I put my pass word in and user name it won't accept them.I hav...


Hello. I would just like some advice. for the past couple of weeks my broadband has been disconnecting - orange button/staying off. It disconnects for a few minutes then comes back on and it does this a couple times a day. It’s super annoying as I pl...

CJ03 by Advocate
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Waiting for engineer

I took New line of Internet on unit 2 agoy house ash street Leicester LE5 0DA Engineer came on 17th Aug and he didnot fix the line he said as somebody will come tommorrow and fix for you he also said you will call is for update but noone has call me ...

Javed by Advocate
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