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Setup & Performance


Phone wont connect properly

Set up my hub a couple days ago and it's working perfectly with everything but my phone, my phone will connect to the hub but it keeps saying "connected with no Internet" and I've tried everything but it stays the same

Piper003 by Advocate
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Resolved! Can't change wifi password

Hello allI'm trying to change my wifi password. Can't seem to get past log in page on all possible usernames - my email log in one, my name without, my full name, my wireless name... What is my username!? Also, password ...

NevC by Advocate
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No Broadband

Broadband has failed since this PM - orange light in centre of 3 on Hub. Im based in Suffolk - any service issue?

Resolved! Now TV HUB 2 very hot and drops all the time

We’ve had now TV broadband problems for the past 2 months now which the internet connection dropping from anywhere between 1 minute to hours at a time. 5 engineers have come out AND we’ve had a replacement router but it’s not solving the issue. Exter...

Resolved! Almost a month of waiting

My NOW broadband was meant to be activated on the 8th of August, but that never happened. They delivered all the equipment but I still couldn't get a connection even after the date.I spoke to NOW on the phone on August 15 and they told me a third par...

Gabone by Advocate
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Where is my engineer

Hi,I have been in all day and was supposed to have a engineer visit but no one has come and my internet isn’t working, Simone please advise! 

Camilla by Observer
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Second Phone Line

Hi - I've had my Now TV broadband installed for a few months and it's working well. However, the place where the phone line has been installed is too far away from my office and the signal isn't reaching it reliably. How would I go about getting a se...

Jonwp by Advocate
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Extremely poor broadband performance

It’s been over a month since our broadband has become a joke. I work from home and I can count the times when the wifi would stop for no reason and wouldn’t be back for minutes. It’s extremely frustrating to have to hotspot or use my data in the hous...