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Setup & Performance


Go live date passed

So my go live date was yesterday and still.... My wifi does not work? Why are now so bad... This was an address move.  Last time it took them 4 months to get my wifi working!!!!!!!!

Jayw04 by Newbie
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Nitter to view Twitter/X posts from NOWHelpTeam

It is sometimes useful to see Twitter/X posts from NOW's Help Team to see if there are common problems. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can use one of the Nitter instances to see recent messages, without the inconvenience of using the Twitte...

seebee by Scholar
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Unexpected Error opening app on iphone 11

Keeps crashing when i open the app.Have looked on this forum and have tried all the fixes mentioned i.e. turn off private relay and reinstall the app, software update etc.Spent 40 minutes on the online service and they have passed me to the concerns ...

NOW Internet down

I've noticed the Internet has been down quite a few times over the past few days. It's currently 2:15am UK time and the Internet has gone off despite the green light on the box. A couple of days ago it went off at 10:30pm. So strange this keeps happe...

Lw1961 by Advocate
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Hi my broadband is terribly slow, I can’t work like this so how do I up the speed.

Missmase by Advocate
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Resolved! Internet

No Internet since 3pm in Cumbernauld rang customer service and they don't know when is coming back 

Can’t log in

Logged in to website on iPad using Safari, tried to stream. Message said only on app. Downloaded app. Tried to log in. Got unexpected error message please try later and email saying new device signing in. Tried 5 times, same result. What am I doing w...

Internet DOWN!!

Internet down since 22:30! This has happened before and it’s becoming annoyingly common now, I thought SKY/NOW was meant to be good? It’s annoying that they don’t have a customer service line open now either, because I would have some NOT so kind wor...

Abu by Newbie
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