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Setup & Performance


Router and Xbox

My sons Xbox was fine for a long time on the wireless network. I believe there may have been an update at some point and now it won't connect to wireless. We currently have a wire plugged in and it works fine, just not on wireless. Any suggestions? D...

Donna239 by Advocate
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NowTV Hub TWO firewall rules

Helloi just set up some firewall rules. They seem to work OK. However I can’t find the logs. I’m sure I saw some logs  a while back when I opened access which is why I quickly closed access :). I’ve tried setting logging to Always and Match and also ...

Vulnerable person - Phone line will not ring out

Trying to got someone at Now to peak to the about my mother's phone line. She cannot dial out nor can her emergency alarm if she presses it. Cannot find a phone number that is manned 24/7.  Anyone now how to contact them out of hours? 

Broadband down

My broadband appears to be down. It started with being unable to get Internet on phones and now it is not there at all and the orange 'internet' light is lit on the router. I went through the online checks, they failed and they said to call. I called...

StuartT by Advocate
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Boost issues with F1

Hi, I have Boost so that I can have more than one device watching F1 at the same time, but lately it has only allowed one screen at a time. I have double checked that I still have boost. Any ideas for a fix?

CateK74 by Advocate
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Mobile Phone loses internet connection

Hello, I have had my NOW Hub Two for a few months now and have always struggled with the Wi-Fi connection on my phone, it seems to drop from time-to-time and the only way to fix the issue for a while is to restart my phone. (I have also tried resetti...

LJ118 by Advocate
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I have put in for a home move TWICE now and both times for some reason the next day I get an email saying it has been cancelled, I spoke to NOWTV on the phone 4/5 times now who said it shouldn’t happen again but I got another email saying it’s being ...

Meggyyxo by Advocate
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