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Setup & Performance


No sound

My sound has suddenly gone off? I’ve unplugged , re connected , turned power off etc ?  But nothing works?


I ordered broadband on 29th April. I had to wait 3 weeks for an engineer appointment. When the day came of that engineer appoitment, no body showed up. I call NOW TV on the day and they told me that there was a delay in setting it up. I had someone h...

weak wifi signal and varying broadband speed

Well I've been up and running for just over a month now and although I've not lost connection my ps4 download speed is shockingly bad, 4-5mb per second so its taking hours to download gigabytes. I'm on the fab fibre deal and have the hub 2, the only ...

Now TV Fibre Failures

I recently signed up for Now TV fibre during the spring sale but have been unable to get an Engineer to visit and complete the install.I initially signed up and rang to arrange but was told I had to speak with a Tier 2, who I can't be put through to ...

Nowtv Router gets very hot

My nowtv router seems to get a lot hotter than my previous routers. The power consumption is rated at 7watts so that’s about 5kwh every month. Seems very high for today’s technology.It gets so hot it can damage veneers on furniture let alone the cost...

Slow fibre

I switched over to now TV fab fibre which is meant to be up to 38mbps but mine is only at 6mbps. Any way of finding out why and fixing it?

Chrisjf by Advocate
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Broadband at 0.10mbps

Hello, I just got Now Broadband and download speed is a maximum of 0.27 mpbs!! I think there is a porblem but I can't find where to conatct anyone about this.  Any help would be appreciated.    Thanks   Adam


Hi how do I change my pin on my wifi box so no-one has it cos so how there's got on to my internet ta