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Setup & Performance


No internet connection on phone

Hi all, We've had NowTV Broadband for about 3 weeks now in our new place and for 2 of us we always have the 'Ready to connect when network quality improves' warning when we connect to the WiFi on our phones (Samsung S8+ and Samsung S9+). We have full...

WiFi power

Do you have any WiFi boosters for my property, box in on middle floor but sometimes we can stream downstairs or/outside but others not a chance .. we need extra power for the internet tv and play station.. what can you give us that can help .. you ad...

Very slow broadband

Recently my broadband has slowed down a lot, was getting 20mbs when I signed up  6 months ago but it's now under 5mbs and causing all sorts of issues. What is the best way to get this resolved?Thanks

Crossed line

HiI have had an on going issue with now tv for nearly four weeks.on the day we were suppose to start up with broadband and line retail. My internet didn’t work. Tried fault testing, nothing. Tried phone long my landline. Some random lady. Who didn’t ...

WiFi security

Can anyone help me my m8 came over yesterday and was able to automatically connect to my wifi I thought it was secured as when I had to first connect ihad to put the security code in so how was this possible and how can I change it ??? Thanks 

Problems with HTTPS

I am having problems using the SplashID application on my iPhone and Mac. It refuses to connect to their site to sync keys - claims it cannot create a secure connection. Prior to moving to NowTV broadband I had no issues. If I turn off WiFi on my iPh...

Buying a hub

I have paid a tenner for delivery, but unsure on what. Current I have no now tv boxes or hub boxes in the house. I have a broadband and line connections going live on the 9th August-do I need to buy a hub? Or now tv box to get it to work??? Sorry if ...