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Setup & Performance


unacceptable delay

Hello,I ordered the broadband/tv combo on the 24th of June, the engineer showed up on the 10th of July as planned, but according to him, he couldn't setup the connection because of some technical issues that only BT would have been able to.solve, I c...

Resolved! Internet keeps dropping when on the ps4

Hi hoping someone could help me out, my sons ps4 has started cutting the Internet connection to everything else in the house excluding that ps4. My other son can't play any games on his ps4 when his brother plays on his ps4 I cant get on my fone and ...

Sky Q Wifi extender

Hi I have recently moved to Now TV broadband and like others I notice the wifi signal fluctuates alot and also the signal is not as strong as my previous router which was BT. 1) I believe I cannot use the BT router on Now TV? The BT router was very g...

No fibre connection

Just had installation engineer out from Open Reach on Friday (today Monday). He was unable to set up full connection for fibre as the last port in the cabinet is broken and will take up to a week to fix.He said the phone line is working and have numb...

Router wifi signal has limited range...

The signal from my nowtv router is weak in ny property. It only reaches across the lounge and a bit of the kitchen, but does not reach the bedrooms. after about 3-4m/ through walls, it stops working. I have had wifi with virgin, sky and bt over the y...

scheduling internet access

I have kids who will sit on the internet all night if I dont unplug the router and take it to bed. Is there a way I can setup my wifi so that it stays on for me, but blocks my kids devices say after 10pm?This has to be schedulable (automatic) and wor...

WiFi speed

I changed my broadband over to Now Tv 11 days ago. I know they check the speed of it over 10 days but my WiFi is still slow when I’m using my iPhone. I end up having to turn off my WiFi and use my mobile data. Can anyone help?

Dreadful Speeds

Well enough is enough.  I've tried to contact help and it tells me that speeds are ok.  Cannot even contact chat because it's so slow.  Only option is to cancel payment and go elsewhere.  Enough is enough


Now TV Broadband not working .Have done the whole switch off and on thing .Used reset button still nothing .Anyone know a phone number I can have to speak to a human pleaseeee