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Setup & Performance


WiFi signal

My WiFi will only connect to phones and laptops in the room the box is. These all lose signal when moving to another room in our small flat. Is it possible for Now Tv to send me a box with a stronger signal? And if so how do I contact them? I’ve been...

Upload Speed

HelloPlease can someone contact me directly, our line settings have been capped at 4mb upload (download is set/synced at 40mb) - our previous supplier (ironically Sky...) had this "unset" - please can you remove this restriction to allow the speed to...

Super slow broadband speed

Broadband speeds have been very slow for the last month or so.Constantly fluctuating between download speeds of about 0.14 mb/s and 8 mb/s, and upload speeds of 0.02 mb/s and 0.5 mb/s. Hardly ever getting higher than that. Occasionally will work fine...

Resolved! Off to a bad start

So I took half a day off so the engineer can visit today, he showed up around 13:30, replaced the socket even though I didn't ask him to, didn't bother screwing it probably, ran a failed test, told me he's going to the cabinet and will be back in 30 ...

Now tv broadband set up

Hi so I received an email to finsih setting up my account with now tc for my broadband and when I click on the link and sign in it asks me what packages I want for now tv and won’t let me continue with no package and just the broadband. 

Order Cancellation!

I have just sent you an email to cancel my order.  I also tried your live chat!  As usual the chat was ended due to supposed “lost connection”!  Please provide confirmation that my order is cancelled and the switch over to Now Broadband will not take...