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Setup & Performance



Hi l have recently order broadband but haven't received any confirmationThey took my bank details but the only email I got was about my voucherHelp


Joining now tv broadband today any idea what time of day I’ll be up and running please as had no word from anyone 

Resolved! Ethernet 35mb wifi only 10mb

Ethernet is getting 35mb but wifi only 10mb when I'm 2 foot from the router, whether I do speed test with my mobile phone or laptop with nothing connected to the Ethernet and only 1 device connected via wifi.It is a NOW TV HUB 1 the square black one....

Two weeks waiting for Hub delivery

I'm waiting more than two weeks for NOW to deliver me my Hub. This looks like a fricikng joke! I'm paying for bradband which I'm unable to use, cause they cannot deliver my Hub!I called their "Customer Service" three times already (each time is more ...

Resolved! Broadband requirements

I'm looking at ordering Now TV broadband but I have a question.Do I need a active phoneline to get this as mine has been disconnected since I've moved in.

Broadband slow

hi been given an ip address to try rectify my slow broadband out ....would be a good start if anyone has a clue how to go about sorting it phone data is faster!

Broadband Activation

My activation date was 22nd August for regular broadband internet. The nowtv hub 2 is turned on and correctly plugged in using the nowtv master microfilter, the power and wifi lights are green, the centre internet light does not come on. No landline ...

Broadband activated but no internet

My NowTV account says that my new broadband has successfully gone live today, the day it was scheduled to.However the internet doesnt work.  How long after my account saying the broadband is activated will it be until the internet bloody works?  Also...