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Setup & Performance


Broadband installation date

Hi All,I have an engineer coming to my property on the 21st of September however I would like to change this to the 19th of September instead. Can someone please assist me in doing this without having to call the call centre?Thanks,Robin

Slow Broadband speed

I've recently joined Nowtv for their broadband only. It says up to 11mb and it was the cheapest hence why joined, but I'm only getting around 1.8mb download and 0.4 upload speed. I had a look on the website and tried the renaming of 2.4 and 5 to see ...

Sound interference - vibrating

New online user, just installed Viewer and trying to watch Sharp Objects Ep8.  Sound is vibrating constantly.  Closed and reopened Viewer.  Still no good.  Broadband speed good (Watching on PC) and picture fine.

Broadband not activated and no date set!

I should have had broadband up and running on 13th August but it did not go live. I called on the day and was on hold for almost an hour to be given no explanation why it was not live. IIt's now the 5pm on the 14th and still not active or answers. I'...

Service Down

So I'm posting here to open up dialogue about people's experience of downtime. I find it infuriating that for no reason at all I suddenly get a loss of service today. I did the standard things to troubleshoot my connection but it was clear that somet...

Delays on a broadband going live

Hi if there any one can help the broadband should go live on 28-08 i was awaiting all day long till midnight, and nuthing happen so and still nuthing today I'm so unhappy will try to contact whem later hopefully will help ... The hub is ok the  wirel...

Very slow Now TV Broadband

Hi, this is my last resort to fix my broadband speed. The web pages are taking ages to download, even a youtube video I can't watch. I spoked two times with the customer service and on the last conversation they told me that maybe the router is fault...

Slow broadband

Hi,My broadband connection has always been intermittently bad, but I put up with it because it always fixed itself eventually. However it stopped working completely last weekend. Some helpful gent on your chat service suggested to change the channel ...