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Setup & Performance


Now tv broadband

My now tv hub keeps disconnecting from the internet and my latency is very high on the games console reset the hub and nothing. Unplugged the hub for 10 Seconds to 1 minute and still keeps doing it. In the process of changing broadband services as no...

Slow fibre

The fab fibre is so slow 10mb to 17mb at best if you run multiple things it won't even run bbci I'm going to cancel before I get stuck with this bad service 

Not activated. No apology or contact from NowTV

We were supposed to go active on 29/8 . Previous owner of our house had sky broadband. So there should be no problem connecting us.Now waiting 72 hours for “tier 2”.agent on the phone offered to give me a couple of months passes as compensation, but ...

Activation date passed

Can any advisor help meMy activation date has now passed but i still have no broadband, On the order tracker it says everything is up and running. I have tried ringing but theirs a 30min waiting time,  I have been billed and money taken, Also can any...

Broadband - switch from Virgin

I have my hub and engineer visit tomorrow but I've had no reply from customer services when I filled out the contact form on the website. I've tried the live chat but I'm still waiting to be transferred to an agent 35 minutes later...This is not a go...

Broadband installation date

Hi All,I have an engineer coming to my property on the 21st of September however I would like to change this to the 19th of September instead. Can someone please assist me in doing this without having to call the call centre?Thanks,Robin