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Setup & Performance


Resolved! Hub Two and home network

I joined Nowtv broadband less than a week ago from BT. My home network was working fine, using a TP-link TL-SG1008 Gigabit 8 port desktop switch, but it doesn't now. Can't say for absolutely certain, but it seems too coincidental that the change of p...

Resolved! Connection problem with Airport Express

We have just got NowTV Broadband but our Airport Express does not connect to the NowTV box via Ethernet.  The box does not recognise it at all and we have tried multiple Ethernet cables.  We need the Airport Express as a WiFi network rather than the ...

Resolved! Day of activation

Day of set up and the green internet light and green wireless light are showing but the internet light continuously flashes in bursts of orange. The router was set up around 00:05, so that it has the whole day for the broadband to be activated but ha...

Previous tenant router

Hello,I just moved in and the former tenant gave me his router and hub tv. I am wondering wheter I can use that router with a new account so that I can save money of the delivery and set up of the new one. Thanks


Hello i got a problem with a new router,i bought yesterday to improve all the ways my router NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK ac1900and its only work if I connect to NowTvHub if I connect straight it wont catch internet what the hell?? What should i do?

Resolved! Engineer visit

New Now BB installation soon, My first post so Hello to all.I have a pending visit booked to get my Fibre BB and router up and running. My phone wire is not connected from the box outside the house ( it's on he house wall on the outside) to the box i...


Is anyone else finding that the broadband on the smart box keeps dropping. And when it does it is down for a long time! It’s driving me mental 

Resolved! Broadband activation and router set up

Hi, I was was just wondering why it says the router can’t be set up until the date the broadband goes live? Is this because I have paid for it from that date and will be charged if it is set up now? Or is it that it will cause an issue with the “goin...