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Setup & Performance


Need to reset router to get PS4 online

My PS4 is connected to my model 2 router by cable. Whenever I turn it on however I have to reset my router for the console to go online. I even have it setup so the console has a fixed IP address and the router has that IP as a DNZ. I think I may hav...

Device not working

I have two devices registered, both have been working until a couple of days ago - now only one is working. Have deinstalled and reinstalled the device but still not working. The other device continues to work perfectly - any ideas????

PreEmptive Activation date

New NowTV customer here.As a resolute optimist I hope my activation date will occur naturally, but since researching how many problems there are with it I wanted to make something clear.I need this WiFi for important work and I need it on the date sp...

Slow broadband detected

Could someone tell me what it means by slow broadband detected when I click on technical checks. It also says the tv is fine but I might have trouble watching NOW TV on a device connected to broadband while the service is slow. Why not watch using a ...

Internet keeps resetting after about 20 mins

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me, my broadband rooter is not working, it keeps asking me to log into me WiFi. My mum blew the electricity last night and it hasn’t been working since. We have tried restarting the box, turning it off and tu...

Apple tv problems

HiOn my apple tv me and my gf both use the now tv app. Every time i log her out of the app and  try to log in to my account to try and buy a day pass, i get "apple tv login forbidden".  The only way i know how to fix this is to reset the apple tv bac...


Having had to reset my box it’s now telling me to enter a 6 digit code but I can’t find where to enter. Any ideas?

Dangerous Router Set Up

First time poster and new NOW Broadband customer I’ve had many problems since first placing my order last month and finally had BT Openreach arrive - hours late - to set up my FabFibre. They refused to set up in an existing BT socket in my bedroom an...

New episodes not updating

Why are the new espisodes not loading up... when they have done before it is showing episode 1 and 2 of the new Teen Mom UK and showing “available Wednesday” on episode 4 so where is episode 3 from this Wednesday?