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Setup & Performance



Having had to reset my box it’s now telling me to enter a 6 digit code but I can’t find where to enter. Any ideas?

Dangerous Router Set Up

First time poster and new NOW Broadband customer I’ve had many problems since first placing my order last month and finally had BT Openreach arrive - hours late - to set up my FabFibre. They refused to set up in an existing BT socket in my bedroom an...

New episodes not updating

Why are the new espisodes not loading up... when they have done before it is showing episode 1 and 2 of the new Teen Mom UK and showing “available Wednesday” on episode 4 so where is episode 3 from this Wednesday?


hi,I recently signed up for nowtv broadband and had to set up a new yahoo email account .so now I have this and a  sky email account ,does anybody know how to link the two of them so I don,t have keep signing in and out to switch between them.thanks

Now tv Router WIFI

Right guys if you are having issues with your now tv router then your not alone. I have a now tv hub 2 and has been playing up for the past 6 months, during these six months i couldnt watch any tv services or stream any programs and i could barely co...

Cancelled then order again

 As i wrote wrong address, yesterday, we have cancelled the broadband then ordered again to new address.BUT i cant check the order status and trying to call NOW TV and no answer since 2:00PM so how can i check my status of order ?Thank you. 

Set up

I’m supposed to have an engineer coming to me today but I’ve had no email or anything telling me when!? Can someone give me a phone call please 


I had singup for fav fibre broadband package with 36mbps. Since the line went up, there was always connection drop which made some financial transactions difficult for the household. I have been trying to trace the combo(!!)customer team over the pho...