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Setup & Performance


Resolved! Off to a bad start

So I took half a day off so the engineer can visit today, he showed up around 13:30, replaced the socket even though I didn't ask him to, didn't bother screwing it probably, ran a failed test, told me he's going to the cabinet and will be back in 30 ...

Now tv broadband set up

Hi so I received an email to finsih setting up my account with now tc for my broadband and when I click on the link and sign in it asks me what packages I want for now tv and won’t let me continue with no package and just the broadband. 

Order Cancellation!

I have just sent you an email to cancel my order.  I also tried your live chat!  As usual the chat was ended due to supposed “lost connection”!  Please provide confirmation that my order is cancelled and the switch over to Now Broadband will not take...

Broadband not activated.

My broadband was supposed to go live on the 18th August, I’ve called and they were supposed to ring me back yesterday to sort it out. I need my WiFi to stay occupied. Someone help with this please? 

Nowtv box

Im a fairly new customer to nowtv, have no problems as such but was just wondering if anyone else has had to go out after signing up for now tv and purchase a nowtv box themselves. I was wxpecting to receive one as how else was i meant to watch if i ...

Windows unable to find certificate for NOWTVA

Hi allI am trying to connect with laptop which is using XP to my Now TV broadband which is running perfectly on my PC which also running XPI constantly keep getting the message Windows is unable to find certificate to connect to NOWTVA....Any suggest...

Error Code f2000

When I log onto my account for entertainment and movies, it allows me to log in but comes up with a red banner saying 'Purchase could not be completed'. Whenever I go on to choose something to watch in the NOW TV player it comes up with a error code ...

Weak signal

Just switched to now tv and cannot get signal upstairs???? Also if I knew you have to go to forums instead of having a dedicated customer service then I would not have joined, depending on the response is receive to my weak signal problem then I'm af...