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Setup & Performance



I’ve been trying to connect my now tv stick to my hot spot and it’s not working, I have done it the past couple of weeks and it’s been working really well but now it won’t connect I keep getting error 014.30 I’ve tried everything but it just won’t wo...

No internet or phone line

Hi i have no internet or phone line alday. They say its a technical fault around my area. How long will ot take as its been off alday. They keep saying the same thing a engineer is out looking but are they? Has anyone else experienced this ?

PS3 Not Accepting Log in Details

I've downloaded the NowTV app on my PS3 but cannot log in to my account. I've double checked and reset my password and checked it on other devices but keep getting error message that I'm not inputting the correct user ID and password.  

help with adding a new device

hi on my account in the devices menu I have a now tv box named NowTV bedroom box the model number is a 4500sk black box, due to the subtitles not working after trying all the fixes listed many times shown in this forum and searching the web for fixes...


Looking in to cancelling now tv find it absolutely usless. Not living up to the 41mbs and can literally only get signal in one room of the house berry’s disappointed! Any one point me in the right direction of not getting charged £6 on connection of ...

Xbox one issue

I cannot get my Xbox one to connect to the NOWtv hubtwo box. Either wirelessly or via Ethernet. Any ideas, greatly appreciated. 


I Set up my nowtv broadband , my tv has built in YouTube and when using YouTube it kept buffering and when I looked it said my broadband was disconnected this keeps happening and I have to keep reconnecting it again then 4 mins later same again what ...

Caitlin by Advocate
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Nowtv not loading

Only thing i can watch on nowtv stick is netflix nothing else seems to work apps or tv guide keep getting something went wrong playing the programme


Hi is there a way to turn my broadband off from now broadband settings?  Like the kids are using the internet during the night and I want to be sneaky and close it down