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Setup & Performance


Is Now bb 11Mbps fast enough for Sky Q

I am leaving Virgin as they messed up my contract, however there is no fibre in my area.  The estimated speed on Now BB and indeed Sky is 11-17 Mbps, would this be fast enough for Sky Q and online gaming? My dad has Sky ADSL and receives a very stead...

Optimistic nowtv speed test...

Only had the service live for a couple of days. First thing I did was test the speed (one device, hard wired in and no other applications running in the background) and got no higher than 50mbps from many sources. I'm supposedly guaranteed 68 mbps mi...

Change the Kit delivery address

I wanted to change Kit delivery address, so the kit would come to my work instead of home address. During the order process I wasn't sure if "delivery" address is where the kit will be delivered or the broadband installation. Anyway, how can I get th...


Hican anyone please tell me how to get subtitles working for a programme that shows the “S” and has the speech box on its info screen?The captions are turned on in settings but not sure what the “closed caption test” means?Thanks.

Netflix lagging

On netflix the sound and picture are always out of sync. Would this just be down to my internet speed or could it be because i have an older box? Its 4-5 years old.

Why am I waiting for activation

Hi,My debit card expired and my service was cut off (btw - nowtv really need to give better warning, I didn’t realise that I was overdue and only got 1 email which I didn’t notice at the time). I have updated my payment details and I’m trying to buy ...

Now tv

hi I’ve just set up my now tv hub 2, for broadband . How do I watch normal tv and freeview, I have no aerial ? If I buy a pass will this work ?