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Setup & Performance


Slow Broadband Speed

I’m on the Super Fibre plan & since March I’ve not been getting anywhere near the guaranteed speed for the connection. Today I ended up having to abort my Twitch Live Stream as it became unstable. I then did a line test through the NowTV website & it...

Engineer didn’t turn up

Hi, the Engineer was supposed to come today to install my broadband and telephone line between 8 am and 1pm. But failed to turn up. I can’t get through on the phone or live chat. Just wondering if anyone can help? Many thanks. 

Wifi router getting worse over time

Hi I have upgraded my broadband package to the fastest available but my initial broadband speed by wifi only increased 25Mb to 35Mb.  The minimum speed is 41Mb which is what I get with ethernet connections, the 45Mb and now it has gone upto 52Mb aver...

Resolved! Wifi errors

I've had NOW TV broadband for a couple of years without problems. In the past month or so we keep getting a lot of dropouts with wifi. Devices like ipads and iphones which have previously connected without a problem fail to connect, get an error afte...

Second phone line installation?

I have ordered NOW broadband recently and I was wondering if the engineer is going to install a second phone line? My landlord already has internet from TalkTalk in the flat but I've ordered the broadband for myself and I don't want it to disrupt the...

Resolved! Talktalk

Hi Does anyone know how to log on to Now TV on TalkTalk box. When I go to view a programme it is asking me to purchase but I already have the entertainment pass and am trying to watch entertainment programme. Just cancelled boost from TalkTalk and to...

Block a site from router

Hi all, I have a nowtv hub two and i have been trying to restrict access to YouTube directly from my router. I have all the various domain names added to the blocked websites tab but it doesn’t block anything. I have an issue using the broadband budd...