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Setup & Performance


How to block websites?

 I am trying to block certain websites. I have tried:• Using the settings in Broadband Buddy (at• Using the settings at• Using the settings at http://192....

Broadband not working well?

hi is anyone having issues with getting wifi access across the whole house? We used to be able to access it everywhere but since this partial lockdown I'm guessing everyone is on the Internet and our speed has slowed down?? I'm not tech savvy as you ...


My broadband got put in today and went live however the speeds were getting are like 12mbps and I got the broadband that was between 40-70mbps and I can’t go on any app without it taking like 10 minutes can anyone help

Resolved! New Broadband Connection

Have just joined NowTV Broadband and was given an activation date of 14th May when I would move over from sky broadband. When I set up my new hub however I just got a permanent orange light on the internet even after checking all the connections. Put...

NowTV Broadband Router Box Not Working

Hi, My NowTV Hub-Two Broadband home router box (Model NR801) is suddenly not working (dead). It doesnt have any lights on. The line was working fine till now, just the box is not ON.  Neither is holding the reset button at the back for 10 seconds hel...

NowTV & Sky

At my household we have SKY broadband, which is fine for everyone else but upstairs, especially in my room, the signal is awful. So I would like to get NowTV broadband, is it possible to run both at once from the same port?