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Setup & Performance


Broadband Activation Query

Hi! Today is my broadband activation day and I know it will be up until midnight for me to have full service but should the router have all 3 lights show as green anyway? Currently the internet light is not showing, which makes sense as I don’t have ...

Broadband is shockingly bad

SpoilerSpoilerfor months now my broadband has been slow beyond belief, crashing and just shutting off at the box. I cant get hold of anyone at now tv as I need live chat due to being autistic. My 2 year old is stuck in lockdown and we can't stream TV...

MegMet by Scholar
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Engineer not turned up

Engineer booked 1-6pm but no show. No contact number to call you and check what is happening. What am i supposed to so now? Can someone please contact me? Thank you.

Bad choice

I am new to now tv and found the internet awful so far and cant watch anything on my phone is this normal ? And I cant even talk to a human to sort it and ask questions

Engineer visit

Hello,Recently moved into a new house which we are renting. The engineer came as scheduled on the 3rd of July and set up the router and installed a new wire from pole to the house and when finished was told it would be up today or possibly tomorrow. ...

Resolved! New Device and Swaps Liimits

Just found this in My Account ~ Devices. So am I really getting to add 9 devices? Everyone else is just saying 6 Max. but above says 6 at Account start-up, Longer you stay the more you get, reward?          

Now TV Devices update.png
Neil-C by Scholar
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Poor download/upload speed

My package guarantees a download speed of at least 37mbps, yet for the last week I am getting between 10-15mbps. Due to the current situation it appears impossible to contact now tv. I was curious if anyone else is having performance issues with thei...

New number

Not sure this is in the right place but hopefully can get some help i have only just joined now tv phone and broadband I requested to keep my old number and also ex-directory. I start date was 16th June I set everything up and broadband works fine ho...