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Setup & Performance


Help!My Broadband Can't be enable

  I recently applied for Now's BroadBand, and it shows that my activation time is September 27th. However, it is already September 28th and I am unable to connect to the internet according to the instructions. I tried various methods but they didn't ...

Clef by Advocate
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Broadband Order Cancelled Unexpectly

My broadband was due to go live on the 26th of September. Openreach told me they had completed the work successfully, although I have not been able to connect to the internet. I looked at 'my account' on the NowTV website to see what was up and was t...

JC2023 by Advocate
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Resolved! ASUS AC86U and a TD-W9970 config - bridge mode?

Hi, I've just come over from plusnet and I'm trying to understand how I should set up my modem and router. I understand that I am on VDSL and can choose sky vdsl or sky vdsl(mer). When I choose sky vdsl(mer) and enter the made up credentials such as ...

Help needed please

Please bear with me as I have learning difficulties.The engineer came to do the broadband today and he hasn't been able to get it working as it needs underground work and won't be able to connect for several weeks. I have spoken to now and they said ...

JustMe1 by Newbie
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how can I know when will my now router dispatched?

How can i know when my broadband router will arrive?I applied now broadband service 2 days ago,and I'm hurrying to get a WIFI.but until now, I haven't seen any update on my account. Does anyone know how I can know when will my now router delivered to...

makotom by Advocate
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No service

Hello, I’ve had no service since 11am yesterday, with the issue saying it’s there end… I’ve no idea when it’s going to be resolved and it’s affecting me as I work from home and currently have to hotspot from my phone 

Wifi connected device limit

I've been having more and more issues with the 2.4ghz wifi in my house recently and I can't figure out what's causing it.I have a NowTV Hub 2, does anyone know the maximum number of wifi clients it supports? I have been using Wi-Fi analyser on my pho...